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Deli Counter Person Sample Job Interview Questions

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Deli Counter Person Sample Job Interview Questions


When you work behind the deli your expected to do a variety of tasks from making sandwiches, to making a couple cappuccinos, to handling cash and even answering the phone if necessary.  Because of this requirement busy deli’s look for people who can multitask effectively.  Make sure that you tell the interviewer that you are a person who is a natural multi-tasker.  Doing so will really impress them and convince them that you have a natural fit in this job.

The next most important thing that you need to do it job interview is to make sure that when you answer the job interview questions that you do so passionately.  A lot of delis are run by families and they want to hire people who are passionate about their business, about the food they serve and about the customers that the get to meet on a daily basis.  You have to be able to sell your passion about this job in this deli.  If you’re not passionate your job interview why would you be passionate on-the-job?

Employers usually start typically begin the job interview by asking you to describe yourself.  It’s great to tell about your hobbies and so forth but make sure that you are able to effectively summarize your deli experience in about 2 to 3 sentences.  Here is an example of a great answer:

“My name is Tom and I have a passion for working in delis.  I love meeting new people every day and putting a smile on their face by serving them great food.  I have two years experience working at ABC deli where not only did I work the front counter but also the cash register and the grill in the kitchen.  I have experience operating slicing machines, knives, cappuccino machines and I also hold a safe food handling certificate.”

Here are sample Deli Counter Person job interview questions designed specifically for the Counter career. Be sure to check out more Counter interview questions.


Describe your experience with greeting and helping customers, making espresso drinks, taking cake orders for future dates.

What do you know about food service and dessert field?

What is kosher?  How is it similar or different than halal?

What’s your favorite deli sandwich?  How do you prepare this sandwich differently than other people?

Give me an example of an assignment you worked on that shows your expertise as a Deli Counter Person . What did you do?

In your view, what is the most important aspect of front counter customer service?

Tell me a bit more about your background with cleaning, stocking, stickering, organizing and answering the phone.

How often do you have meetings with others as a Deli Counter Person ?

What kinds of kitchen equipment have you worked with?

Give me an example of a safe food handling practice that you always use.

What kind of experience do you have working practices and lunches?

In this deli the counter person sometimes will fill-in and work as a short order cook.  Do you have any experience cooking, preparing food?

When judging the performance of your subordinates, what factors are most important to you in our job as Deli Counter Person ?