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Agent, Customer Service – Airline Sample Job Interview Questions

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Agent, Customer Service – Airline Sample Job Interview Questions


Here are sample Agent, Customer Service – Airline job interview questions designed specifically for the Customer Service career. Be sure to check out more Customer Service interview questions.


We don’t always get our way when there’s a dispute. Describe your most satisfying/disappointing experience when deciding a dispute.

Have you presented technical information as a Agent, Customer Service – Airline to people without a technical background? Give examples. (If outcome was effective, how do you know?)

Describe an idea or change you implemented that affected other areas of your organization. How did you learn of the effect?

While you were at former place of employment what changes were you responsible for as a Agent, Customer Service – Airline? How did you do that?

How do you get reacquainted with the situation in your organization or work group after you’ve been away for several days? Give some examples.

Jobs differ in the extent to which travel is required. Tell me about a time when you were satisfied/dissatisfied with your travel schedule. Why? What type of travel was this? Where did you go?

What deadlines do you work under with your Customer Service assignments?