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BC Ferries Job Interview Questions – Customer Sales & Service Representatives

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BC Ferries is the provincial ferry corporation that connects ferry riders with our coastal communities.  As an employer, BC Ferries offers a competitive salary, excellent benefits and an exciting work environment.  What other job can offer you a cruise and call it work?

If you have a job interview with BC Ferries below are some great sample job interview questions for you to know.  Read these BC Ferries sample job interview questions and give some thought to your response before your interview with the ferry corporation.  Remember that a good job interview answer becomes a great job interview answer when it is backed up by a recent work example.  So be prepared to give examples!

Until our next post, we wish you much luck and success in your BC Ferries job interview!

BC Ferries Sample Job Interview Questions

BC Ferries, requires that you are a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident as a condition of employment.  Are you currently a Canadian citizen or permanent resident?

Many of the BC Ferries customer and sales positions require you to work on an on-call basis with varying shifts, can you meet this requirement?

Ensuring an excellent passenger experience is the goal of BC Ferries.  Describe your previous customer service or sales experience.

Passengers from all parts of the world take BC Ferries.  Tell me about a time when you had a difficult time communicating with someone who speak English as a first language.

Teamwork is vital to success at BC Ferries.  Tell me about a time when you didn’t get along with a co-worker.  How did you handle it?

Occasionally, you may be required to deal with an upset BC Ferries customer.  Describe a situation from your past work experience where you had to deal with an angry customer.   How did you handle this difficult customer service situation?  Suppose this customer became abusive with you or your co-worker, how would you respond?

As a BC Ferries Sales and Service rep, you will need to respond to queries about reservations, sailing routes, etc.  You will use computerized systems to complete bookings and retrieve sailing information.  Describe your experience with computers.

BC Ferries provides services for passengers of various backgrounds.  How have you prepared yourself for working with a diverse community?

Why do you want to work for BC Ferries?