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CSR Sample Job Interview Questions

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CSR Sample Job Interview Questions


Here are sample CSR job interview questions designed specifically for the Customer Service career. Be sure to check out more Customer Service interview questions.

This job will require you to work flexible hours during peak processing periods, including year-end. Is this acceptable for you?

We have a busy office so you will need to multi-task. When have you worked in a fast paced team?

Can you describe your track record of meeting deadlines?

Give me an example of when you took ownership for own work?

When have you had to consistently deliver quality service under the pressures of volume variances in outbound/inbound calls?

How do you about recognizing training needs or self-development needs?

In the last year, what have you done to continuously improve your work or in your job?

What qualities do you think make a great CSR?

This work requires PC knowledge, rate your experience level. What is the most complex technical things you have done on a computer?




Have you ever made a decision as a CSR only to find out later that it was rejected? Why was it rejected?

Are there any projects you generated on your own as a CSR? Explain. What prompted you to begin them?

Are there any procedures that you find helpful for keeping track of things that require your attention? Give some examples of how you’ve used them.

Some products have a short sales cycle, and others, a long sales cycle. Which do you prefer and why?

Tell me about the most difficult customer escalation you have handled?

To be successful in this role, you will need to work under the pressure of time constraints and to prioritize client issues. When have you been under pressure to work quickly while delivering great service?