Inside Sales Rep Sample Job Interview Questions

Inside Sales Rep Sample Job Interview Questions


Here are sample Inside Sales Rep job interview questions designed specifically for the Customer Service career. Be sure to check out more Customer Service interview questions.

How do you stay focused as an Inside Sales Rep?

Why do you want to be a Inside Sales Rep for our company?

Did you have to make any compromises when choosing your curriculum? How did you end up with the classes you wanted to take?

What do you do differently from other as a Inside Sales Rep (managers. tellers, machinists)? Why? Give examples.

How do you monitor your own performance? How do you measure success?

When have you been satisfied/dissatisfied by the amount of influence you had over others as a Inside Sales Rep? Why? What did you do?

Have you held roles where you had to talk and type?

What is your record of meeting sales targets?

Describe a situation in which your first attempt to sell an idea to your boss, subordinate, etc. failed. What happened next? What approach did you use the second third, fourth time?

Jobs differ in the extent to which travel is required. Tell me about a time when you were satisfied/dissatisfied with your travel schedule. Why? What type of travel was this? Where did you go?

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Bonus Questions

  • Describe a difficult experience at work and how you handled it.
  • Describe how you work under pressure.
  • What organizational systems (control, compensation, communication, accounting, etc.) have you implemented to support organizational strategies? Describe them. How did you put them into place? Describe a time when you needed to establish priorities to implement a new vision or directive. How did you get others to follow? What was their reaction?

Daily Interview Tip

Show an interviewer that you are coachable by showing that you appreciate getting instruction and criticism when it is done fairly and constructively. Work on your interview answers so that you can improve for future interviews. Describe two or three skills you have that are relevant to the job when asked about your strengths. Avoid clich