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Dental Assistant Job Interview Questions

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The prime role of Dental Assistants is to support the Dentist and ensure patient care. Dental assistants work in dental offices and helps dentists in oral examinations and dental treatments. Dental Assistants prepare patients by setting them up in the chair, inserting dental dams, taking and developing oral x-rays and so forth.

Today’s post will focus on job interview questions for Dental Assistants.

Dental Assistant Job Interview Questions

As our Dental Assistant you will be working closely with our team of Dentists. Tell me about a situation when you worked with a Dentist that you did not get along with.

Jobs differ in the amount of attention to detail that is required. Tell
me about a time when you have been satisfied/dissatisfied with the amount of attention to detail required in your job. What did you do?

Do you speak languages other than English?

As a Dental Assistant you will need to pay attention to details when billing and recording dental services performed. How do you ensure you prevent mistakes and take care of all the details when preparing invoices for dental services or updating dental records?

Teamwork is essential for success in our dental office. Please describe your experience in working with an individual in a dental office to help them succeed on a particular task or project?

Tell me more about the training, certifications and so on related to Dental Assistants. For example, Level I – chair-side assistant, Level II – intra-oral assistant, etc.

Dental Assistants may be called by different job titles depending on the employer and area. Here some job titles related to Dental Assistants:

  • certified dental assistant
  • registered dental assistant
  • certified intra-oral dental assistant
  • dental assistant
  • dental clinical assistant
  • dental clinical assistant – military
  • intra-oral dental assistant
  • licensed dental assistant
  • preventive dental assistant

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