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Dental Hygienist (Hospital Setting) Sample Job Interview Questions

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Within a hospital setting, a Dental Hygienist must talk to patients about treatment and involvement in planning and teach/reinforce general oral hygiene and home care instructions. As such employers look for strong people skills, since you work within a dental care team you must be able to work with others like the front office Reception staff and help hospital Dentists by taking, developing and mounting Xrays.

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Here are sample Dental Hygienist (Hospital Setting) job interview questions designed specifically for the Dental Hygienist career field.

What is your most difficult experience related to performing oral cancer screening on a patient?

Describe an assignment that required you to promote treatment plans and encourage patients to begin treatment. What did you say?

What is your experience with digital radiography, velscope, diagnodent and dentrix?
Do you hold your dental hygienist laser certification? If not why not?
Tell me about your experience working with advanced oral cancer detection.

If you saw a colleague cutting corners on keeping instruments sharpened, using gloves, mask, eyewear, and lab coat with every patient; sterilizing hygiene instruments and operative instruments; how would you handle this? Explain.

Relate an approach, different from your normal approach, you took to enter complete treatment plan into each chart or call each patient after difficult treatment. How did you come up with the approach?

What skills or qualities are important for dealing effectively with customers? Give an example of when you displayed these skills or qualities as a Dental Hygienist (Hospital Setting).

How do you ensure that patients are treated on time, with consideration and respect? For example when you greet patients & introduce yourself and when bringing them to the treatment room.

Part of the job will require you to communicate with patients on consultations; use digital/intraoral camera to educate patients. Tell me about a time when you were challenged on such a task. Why?

Have you ever received feedback from your boss on your skills related to scale and root plane?

We always strive to allow clients to customize all aspects of operations. Have you ever had deny a patient’s request? What was your reasoning?.

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