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Dental Hygienist (Restorative & Periodontal) Sample Job Interview Questions

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The Hygienist who works in the periodontal and restorative should be prepared to walk into the job interview ready to show specialized knowledge in the field. You can bet on the employer asking you what you do to keep up on the latest developments in your field so be prepared to provide a quick and concise summary of courses, workshops, to show you have kept learning. Even if you have not taken any formal courses, you may cite journals and informal on the job training from your previous dental office.

For a job as specialized as this it is not enough to simply state that you can do the basic hygienist work like teaching patients about oral healthcare and risk assessment for every patient utilizing comprehensive periodontal charting, oral cancer screening, and recording of clinical findings.

Here are sample Dental Hygienist (restorative and periodontal treatment) job interview questions designed specifically for the Dental Hygienist career field. Be sure to check out more sample Dental Hygienist job interview questions and answers.

What is your experience with Regenerative and Tissue Engineering therapies?

Tell me about your background in Soft Tissue Aesthetics (Periodontal Plastic Surgery).

What was the most complicated Oral Reconstructive surgery you have been involved with?  What made this Periodontal procedure so complicated?

Describe your experience presenting restorative and periodontal treatment options to patients.

Give an example of how incorporate technology into daily treatment

Tell me about a time when you had to deliver patient education with tools such as the intraoral camera, Caesy, Diagnodent, Scan-X Digital X-Rays, etc.

How do you stay in touch with current best practices regarding restorative and cosmetic practice?

Relate an approach, different from your normal approach, you took to solve a problem as a Dental Hygienist (restorative and periodontal treatment). How did you come up with the approach? What other options did you consider?

Describe a situation in which you involved/enlisted others to help solve a customer’s problem. What was the problem, and how did others’ involvement help?

How have you decided on performance goals for your subordinates as a Dental Hygienist (restorative and periodontal treatment)? What did you do to establish these goals? Give a recent example.

Tell me about a time when you liked/disliked making calls to patients for check ups, etc. Why? Give examples.

What typing operations haven’t you done/can’t you do? Why? Give an example.

Have you attended any dental conferences, workshops, or retreats? What steps did you take for one of these?