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Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Commercial Artist Job Interview Questions

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The packing you see on the household items, the visual elements in posters and advertisements are created by a Graphic Designer.  A Graphic Designer create graphic art and visual materials to help sell a product or an idea. Graphic Designers or Commercial Artists often work within the advertising, communications departments and visual effects companies.

This post will focus on job interview questions specifically for the graphic designer role.  Read the questions below and prepare your answers and examples before your next interview.

Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Commercial Artist Job Interview Questions

As our Graphic Designer, you will need to consult with clients to establish the overall look and feel of the visual elements and illustrations required. Tell me about the most difficult client you have had to deal with. What was the source of difficulty? How did you resolve this?

A Graphic Designer must make estimates based on client requirements. Describe your degree in accuracy in estimating the cost of materials and time to complete graphic design.

As our Graphic Designer, you will be working with many of our commercial clients.  We have all had to work with a client or boss that had unrealistic expectations. Give me an example of a time when you were producing a drawing, sketch, storyboard or layout for a client with unrealistic expectations. How did you handle this?

In this Commercial Artist position, you will lead a team of direct reports. Describe a situation when a graphic designer or graphic arts technician that reported to you struggled to meet project objectives. What did you do about this?

How do you determine the medium best suited to produce the desired visual effect? How do you determine the most appropriate vehicle for communication?

List the types of software and tools you can operate specific to graphic design and illustration. For each, indicate the level of skill (i.e. computer-assisted design (CAD) software, traditional tools, multimedia software and image processing)

A successful Graphic Designer or Commercial Artist, has the ability to meet client and project deadlines. However this can be challenging when unplanned events come up, which they often do. How do you determine what is a priority or important or urgent item for you to attend to?

As a Graphic Designer or Commercial Artist, what has been the biggest deadline you have had to meet?

Depending on the particular industry, Graphic Designers can be called by MANY job tittles. Here are some job titles related to the Graphic Designer:

2D animation artist

2D animator

3D animation artist

3D animator

advertising art director

advertising art supervisor

advertising artist

advertising designer

advertising illustrator

advertising layout designer

animated cartoon artist

animated cartoon artist – visual arts

animated cartoon colourist

animation artist

animation layout designer

animator – animated films

animator, graphic design and illustration

art layout designer

artist, storyboard

artistic illustrator

assistant animator – animated films

background artist

bank note designer

biological illustrator

business forms designer


calligraphic artist


cartoon film artist


cartoonist sketch

catalogue illustrator

cell animator

character animator

chief, advertising illustrator

colour artist – cartoons

colourist – cartoons

commercial artist

commercial design artist

commercial designer

communication designer

computer animator

computer graphics specialist

cover designer

cover page illustrator

cybergraphic designer

designer, form layouts

digital animator – artist

editorial cartoonist

electronic games designer

fashion illustrator

form layout designer

forms designer

graphic artist

graphic arts room supervisor

graphic design and illustration animator

graphic designer

graphic designer – multimedia

graphic designer – multimedia, interactive or new media

graphic designer and layout artist

graphic designer, Web


illustrator and graphic designer

interactive media designer

Internet graphic designer

layout artist

layout designer

layout designer, animation

litho artist

medical illustrator

multimedia design specialist

multimedia designer

multimedia illustrator

multimedia instructional designer and scriptor

multimedia products designer

multimedia products designer-ideaman/woman

new media graphics designer

newspaper illustrator

package designer

page designer

paper securities designer


political caricaturist

political cartoonist

poster artist

registered graphic designer (RGD)

RGD (registered graphic designer)

scientific illustrator

sign designer

sports cartoonist

storyboard artist

supervisor, advertising art

supervisor, graphic arts room

title artist

wallpaper colourist

wallpaper designer

Web designer – graphic design

Web graphic designer

Web page designer