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Interior Designer, Interior Decorator Job Interview Questions

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The Interior designer is responsible for working closely with the customer in the design center/studio or private environment independently or with a team to create individualized design solutions and services. The designs include space planning, fabric coordination, product selection and overall project design. Successful execution is evidenced by developing individualized designs. Below are a few job questions a job seeker may be asked during an interview for a Interior Designer.

A Interior Designer is usually employed by architectural firms, interior design companies, retail establishments, construction companies, hospitals, airlines, hotel and restaurant chains, and other self-employed.

Interior Designer Job Interview Questions:

Tell me about your experience as an interior designer where you acted as the aid in preparation of program, functional analysis, and space planning for a client or company. How do you go about planning and analysing your process?

As an interior decorator you will be required to work with clients to prepare and present specific plans, budgets, and estimates according to their needs. What tools do you use to maintain all information?

Scenerio: A good friend has referred you to a client who does not seem to be able to find a interior designer that understands her requirements. She has used 5 interior designers prior to you. How do you go about working with this client? What steps do you take to close the deal and walk away with a job well done and a satisfied client?

Interior designers are required to keep very specific records and information for each client. Describe a project you were involved in where you prepared contract documents, including plans, elevations, layouts, details, and schedules? Please walk us through the steps you take with new clients?

How do you keep current within the industry of interior design? How do you go about approaching and meeting with vendors and area representatives to keep abreast of new and better products? How then have you sold new products to your clients?

In many projects, the interior decorator is the lead and works with various other creative individuals. Describe a time in which you assisted and prepared special graphics and technical specifications for other team members? This also includes providing: review of submittals, shop drawings, and field construction installations?

Interior Designer may be called by MANY job titles. Here are some job titles related to the Interior Designer:

  • building space planner
  • certified interior designer
  • designer – interior design
  • interior design project manager
  • interior design technician
  • interior designer
  • interior designer assistant
  • interior space designer
  • office space planner
  • project manager, interior design
  • registered interior designer
  • retail space planner
  • space management consultant
  • interior decorator