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Desktop Support Engineer Sample Job Interview Questions

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Here are sample Desktop Support Engineer job interview questions designed specifically for the Desktop Support career field. Remember that in this type of job, moderate lifting such as computers, printers, and related devices weighing up to fifty pounds. So so be prepared to show the interviewer you can meet the physical requirements. A great time to do this is when the interviewer asks you to “tell me about yourself”, make sure you tell them about sports or regular exercise etc.

Increasingly employers are testing the knowledge of applicants with tests designed to assess technical knowledge of PCs, internal components and desktop hardware. So make sure you know your stuff. And to make yourself stand out from the crown, have something extra to wow the hiring manager. For example, if you have some ability to operate specialized diagnostic tools, components, and peripheral accessories. It could be as simple as a voltmeter or lan jack tester, etc. Make sure you tell the interviewer about your additional skills.

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what have you done to improve your knowledge in the last year as a Desktop Support Engineer?

Describe your experience with doing remote/on-site troubleshooting, installation, and setup of systems.

Tell me how you keep meetings on track as a Desktop Support Engineer. Give a specific example.

What was the last technical manuals, procedural documentation, and OEM guide you read? What did you learn?

Our office uses Windows XP, 7, Server 2-28, Exchange 23-21, Office 23-21. Tell me about your experience supporting these items.

Have you ever written technical documents or user manuals explaining policies or procedures? Please provide an overview of one of these writing projects.

The ideal candidate would be someone who is self motivated. Tell me about a time when you took initiative to do something.

Unfortunately, some solutions don’t always correct problems. Can you think of an interesting solution you generated as a Desktop Support Engineer that did not correct the problem? What was the solution? How did you come up with the idea?

There are many different ways to handle staff requests or troubles. When were you criticized the way you handled a customer? Who criticized you and why?

As our senior IT staff you will be expected to provide leadership to the junior support staff. Tell me about a time when you had to coach an employee that was not getting it or meeting the standards. Give a recent example.

In this position you will represent IT when you deal with internal clients. Tell me when you have had to deal professionally with executive management level customers and with other office personnel in person and by telephone in stressful situations.

You will be asked to provide expertise with business intelligence and data gathering to support operations. What types of technical reports and databases have you worked with?

IT departments are always under resourced, as such efficiency is very important. What have you done to improve the efficiency of department or organization?