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System Analyst DeskTop Support Sample Job Interview Questions

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Here are sample System Analyst DeskTop Support job interview questions designed specifically for the Desktop Support career field. Remember that on top of the typical tech stuff providing system administration, troubleshooting of Windows based servers and desktops, and networking knowledge, that you are expected to do all of this with excellent customer service and communication skills. So be prepared to enter the interview with examples of not only complex tech problems you have solved but difficult clients you handled professionally.

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We don’t always get along with everyone we work with. Tell me about a co-worker who you found difficult to work with. What irritated you about this co-worker?

We are looking for someone with strong experience in carrying out technical projects, including planning, implementing, assisting in the installation and setup of software products. Describe your experience in these areas.

Our ideal candidate would hold certifications such as MCP or CCNA. Can you meet these requirements?

Our users use both PC and Mac. Was your experience supporting Macs?

Have you ever led a meeting as a System Analyst Desktop Support in which someone dominated the discussion? What did you do?

What is your background with VPN and VMWARE?

When have you worked in a networked computing environment? Can you give some examples and briefly describe the environments?

Have you had an opportunity to generate a novel solution to a problem? What happened? Where/How did you initially come up with the idea?

Tell me about any license or certification in any software or hardware you hold.

Sometimes people don’t respond well to a performance improvement discussion. Could you give an example of a discussion as a System Analyst Desktop Support that didn’t turn out as you had planned. What happened?

Jobs differ in the amount of filing required. Tell me about a time when you were satisfied/ dissatisfied by the filing you did. Why? What type of filing was this?

What is the most complex issue you have had to deal with related to a security issue (malware/virus cleaning, etc.)? What about this matter made it so complex?

Sometimes it difficult to work professionally with executive management level customers and with other office personnel. Tell me about one of these stressful times.

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