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Driver Job Interview Questions

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Today we cover the secrets to kicking butt on your interview for a job as a driver.  The interview tips I will share will apply to any driving job, whether you are interviewing for a job as tow truck driver or cab driver.  After reading these tips, take a look at the sample driver job interview questions below and prepare your answer points and practice answering them.  By following this recipe for success you will be sure to land your next driving job.


Dependable Drivers

Employers look for dependable drivers whether in the Trucking, taxi cab, or tow truck industry.  Customers depend on you to show up on time and deliver the person, parcel or both to their destination ON TIME.  So be prepared to answer questions in your job interview designed to assess your dependability.  The best way to convince an employer that you are dependable is to first describe your work ethic, then your dependability to show up for shifts, pick up/drop offs, and then give an example to illustrate that you are rock solid dependable.  For example, here is a sample job interview answer perfect for drivers:

“My supervisors would describe me as very hardworking and dependable.  In the last two years I have never been late for work nor missed a day and have never been late for a delivery.  As an example, last December during the snow storm many of our drivers could not make it in to work.  From the department of 19 drivers, only 2 showed up for work and I was one of them.”


Calm and Cool In Traffic – Not On Your Driving Abstract

Drivers are human too and like everyone else from time to time may let their frustrations get the best of them and have some road rage.  In your personal life it is your own business how you manage your blood pressure.  At work, road rage and aggressive driving becomes the employer’s problem.  Smart employers know that you may be an overly aggressive driver even though you have a clean record.  And the last thing they want is to get phone calls about their driver who flipped the bird or got road rage.

To convince an employer you are level headed behind the wheel, make sure you speak about your safety philosophy.  That’s right, safe driving does not only result from driving skill but also from being “safety minded”.  So give some thought to your philosophy when it comes to safety as a driver.  Why is it important?  What is the important factor in being a safe driver?  Jot down some notes, so you are ready to answer this during your interview.

And guess what?  That’s right, a great way to answer this kind of interview question is to provide an example.  Tell the interviewer one example of how you avoided an accident from a reckless driver or how another driver flipped you the bird and cursed at you and how you reacted by staying calm and SAFE.  Do this and you will score some major points with the hiring manager.

Here are a collection of sample job interview questions for driving positions from chauffeur, delivery drivers, long haul truck drivers, tow truck drivers, taxi cab drivers, etc.

Until next time, use these sample questions and good luck on your job interview!