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Bus Driver Sample Job Interview Questions

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Bus Driver Sample Job Interview Questions

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Here are sample Coach Bus Driver job interview questions designed specifically for the Driving career field.

Suppose you are driving your route and you see a fellow driver texting while driving.  How would you handle this?

Knowledge of local traffic and streets is an asset for our drivers.  It’s a Monday 5pm, rush hour, what is the fastest route from here to downtown?

Do you hold a current CDL with P endorsement?

In the media, unfortunately there have been a few bus operators involved in physical assaults.  What are some things you do to prevent violence?

Our bus drivers need to be available to work on weekends, evenings, and holidays.  Will this be a problem for you?

It’s a priority for us to hire drivers who can adhere to a time schedule.  Can you speak to your track record of keeping to your time schedule on distant routes.

We are looking for friendly and service oriented drivers to interact and serve our passengers. Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond for one of your passengers.

All of our Coach Bus Drivers must have a clean driving and criminal record. Can you meet this requirement?

We prefer to hire drivers who are DOT Medical Card Holder. Do you hold a DOT Medical Card?

What if you had a passenger refuse to pay or provide fare?  What would you do?

What driving assignments have you had as a Coach Bus Driver? Have you driven charter trips, school or athletic events, tours?  Explain.

Responsibility and punctuality are very important in this driving job. How would your former employers describe your responsibility and punctuality?

You pick up a group of disruptive passengers and you sense the other passengers are feeling uncomfortable.  How would you maintain order and safety on this bus?

How do you create a positive and safe experience for the passengers on your bus?

Have you ever had to adjust your work schedule because you didn’t have all the necessary parts, materials, or equipment? Tell me about one of these situations.