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Limo Driver Sample Job Interview Questions

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Customer Service

Limo service is a SERVICE so driving is not the only skill limo companies look for when they look to hire limo drivers.  The most important thing to tell the employer is about the excellent customer service you provide in your limo.  Because drivers that provide good service will result in more business for them and better tips for you.  Let them know some of the tricks of the trade that you use such as reading the customer.  Give them an example of when you gave a ride to a stag or stagette party.  What did to ensure they enjoyed their limo service?  Explain how you knew they were satisfied.  Contrast this with an example of how you gave a ride to high school students for a grad.  Discuss how you were responsible with safety and alcohol in the vehicle. Explain how this differs from a business customer’s needs and how a business customer defines as good service differs from what a stagette defines as a memorable service.

Driving and Criminal Record

One question you can be guaranteed to be asked is about your driving record.  So if you have a spotless driving record and I mean clean clean driving record you have nothing to worry about.  If you have some infractions, points, etc on your driving record.  You better be ready to explain it.  And by this I mean what was the situation, and if you made a mistake, own up to it.  Admit you made a mistake and what you learned, and what you have done to improve and ensure that mistake never happens again.  You have to prove the things you have done to fix your mistake.  So if you had a DUI or other driving infraction, even if the police officer was being unfair, if you start talking about how bad the police officer was, it will look like you actually made the mistake and that you have not taken responsibility.

The same thing goes for a criminal record.  Many limousine companies look for drivers with a clean criminal background.  If you have a record, don’t lie about it.  Just be honest and admit it.  Tell the employer what you learned and demonstrate how you have changed.  Get it and do some volunteer work to show you have taken responsibility and that you have changed and can be trusted to represent their limousine service.

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Limousine Driver Job Interview Questions

It’s common for driving schedules to get off track. Describe a time when you were driving and this happened. What did you do?

How well do you know the city?  What is the best route to the airport from this location?

You will be driving high profile business people, celebrities, etc. As such you will need to maintain discretion at all times. Tell me about a time when you had to deal with a sensitive situation at work where you had to maintain discretion

What are some of the most important driving reports you have written? How difficult were they to write? Why? What reactions did they get?

What is a great limo service for you?  How do you define excellent limousine service?

What navigational tools do you use in your job? i.e. map, compass, GPS, etc