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Delivery Driver Sample Job Interview Questions

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Delivery Driver Sample Job Interview Questions

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Here are sample Retail Delivery Driver job interview questions designed specifically for the Driving career field.  Employers like UPS, FedEx and even Pizza Hut use the questions below in their interviews.

What makes you a safe Driver?

What kinds of complaints have had as a delivery driver.

Our drivers must be able to meet the physical requirements ability to lift, wrap, pack, load, unload and deliver sometimes heavy packages and parcels. What do you do to stay fit? Will you be able to meet these requirements?

Your delivery schedule will be busy and you will have to work fast but show extreme care with the items you deliver. Why will you be able to adapt to this hectic pace?

Suppose you saw a fellow driver take a safety short cut to meet a deadline. How would you handle this?

As our delivery driver you will be required to keep an accurate log book, documented pre and post trips, record all expenses and receipts. Describe a situation where you had to keep detailed records or track alot of details.

Have you written any memorable letters to customers asking for an appointment or promoting a product? Tell me about one of these letters.

Are you willing to take a drug screening tests?

What skills or qualities are important for dealing effectively with customers? Give an example of when you displayed these skills or qualities as a Retail Delivery Driver.

We need our delivery drivers to have access to an insured vehicle.  Do you have access to a car?  Is it reliable?

How is your sense of direction?  How well do you know the local area to make deliveries?  How would you drive to Broadway and 7th Ave?  Would you take the same route during rush hour?