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Tow Truck Driver Sample Job Interview Questions

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 A career as a tow truck driver can be very rewarding.  Whether you work in light duty or heavy duty, in the city or in a rural area, each tow job is a unique one.  Before you walk into your next job interview, get your answers ready.

Tricky Tows

Be ready to talk about some of the most difficult tows you have done.  Have a short and succinct answer prepared to explain why this tow was tricky.  Describe the vehicle, the type of vehicle, single or double axles, whether it have cargo and the weight of it.  Talk about the position, location, whether the ground was muddy, snowy, ditches and embankments, etc.  Describe the things which made this tow difficult.  Here is where you want to discuss what you considered, the options and your reasoning for choosing the solution you chose.  This is often what most drivers miss in their answer, it gives the employer insight to your logic and will show your good judgement.

Safe Towing Procedures and Tools

It’s important that you include the safety equipment, PPE and tools you used in your tow job in your answer.  It will show an employer your expertise working with the various tools of the trade.  So describe how you used air cushions or bags, winches, hooks, straps and chains.  Mention which type you chose and why.  Show your commitment to scene safety and don’t forget to mention the safety precautions such as putting out traffic cones, blocks, etc.  Even though you do this with every job, the reality is some tow truck cut safety corners to do the job faster and employers want to avoid hiring drivers like this.  So show them your safety mindedness, and work in the safety equipment you used on a tow job when you give them an example.

City Towing

For city towing jobs, a really good asset is knowledge of the city streets and roads.  Even though there is GPS, it is a very good thing for a towing company to hire drivers who know the streets well.  Knowing where there is construction to avoid, or traffic bottlenecks can be very handy.  So make sure you mention to the employer how long you have lived in the city and how well you know the roads.

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Tow Truck Driver Job Interview Questions

What is your experience with towing, transport, AND recovery?

We only hire drivers with clean driving records. How many points, fines and tickets have you had in the last 2 years? Would you be willing to provide your official driving record?

Describe your experience with both a flatbed and wrecker operation.

All our tow truck drivers are required to work one week a month on call. Can you meet this requirement?

Relate an approach, different from your normal approach, you took to solve a problem as a Tow Truck Driver. How did you come up with the approach? What other options did you consider?

All of our drivers must carry their own cell phone. Do you have your own cell phone?

It snows a lot here, we get lots of requests for tow jobs in the winter.  Tell me when you had a tricky tow in the winter with heavy snow conditions?

Have you had to handle an end roll?  How about an uprighting?