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Truck Driver Sample Job Interview Questions

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In your job interview for a truck driver be prepared to speak to the number of endorsements that you hold. The kind of endorsements that most trucking companies look for are things like Hazmat, and tanker endorsements.  If you don’t have these, I would consider getting them and you can have an edge in the job market.

Healthy, Eat Well, and Exercise

Employers look for drivers who are physically fit. This is because the job is quite physical you will need to do some lifting and moving the cargo you transport.  Also you will from time to time, do some work on your truck and it’s really important that you are physically able to perform the work. This is where it would be very advantageous for you to discuss some of the things that you do to stay in shape to keep fit and here is a good place for you to talk about any sports that you play and so forth.  So don’t just say I am fit and healthy, add tell them a bit about what you have been doing to stay fit and how you watch your diet on the road.

200,000 Miles On Time and No Sick Days

Dependability is so important, companies trucking companies make profit when you are on the road and the more consistently you were on the road the more profitable for them and for you. So it’s really a good place for you to talk a bit about your dependability, so for instance if you didn’t take any sick days in your last job were you were always on time then make sure that you include this in your interview some stats to back up what you’re saying. For example you can say that you drove hundred thousand miles without a sick day and always on time with your delivery.  Something to that effect will go a long way to proving that you are dependable.

Can I Depend On You?

Being professional a professional and mature is the number one quality in truckers. Let’s face it a trucking company is putting a lot of faith into you when they put you behind the wheel of a large truck carrying thousands and thousands of pounds of cargo. So transport companies look for drivers who are mature, professional, and responsible. One of the first things they’re going to judge you on is your appearance. I hate to say it, but people will judge you based on how you look.  Within 20 seconds of meeting you, simply based on how you look the employer will make a decision about how mature and trustworthy you are OR should I say appear to be. So when going to your job interview it’s important to try to look a little more professional. By this I don’t mean and totally change how you look, or put on a three piece suit.  But I think it would be helpful if you shaved and put on a collared shirt and a pair of clean pants.  Meaning, don’t show up asking for a job with stains on your shirt and torn jeans and an unshaven face – leave that for after you are hired (and passed probation).

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Here are sample Truck Driver job interview questions designed specifically for the Driving career field.

Do you hold Hazmat and tanker endorsements?

Tell me more about your tractor-trailer truck experience.

Describe your driving experience related to Hazmat and tankers.

Have you ever written driving or accident reports? Tell me about the most memorable.

How many moving violations have you had in the past 3 years?