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Valet Driver, Valet Attendant Job Interview Questions

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A Valet Attendant or Valet Driver parks and retrieve cars, motor cycles and other motor vehicles. However, a valet attendant may also be asked to give directions or answer other questions asked by visitors.

A valet attendant or valet driver typically works in a hotel or restaurant setting. However, a valet may also work for sports stadiums, night clubs and business conventions.

If you are a valet attendant and have an upcoming job interview, then you should read this post. Below are job interview questions specifically for the valet attendant or driver. Read the questions below and consider your response in advance of your next interview. And remember to have examples ready to support your job interview answers.

Valet Driver, Valet Attendant Job Interview Questions

Our five star hotel and restaurant caters to high end clientele. As such we maintain strictly professional grooming standards for our valet driver position (clean shaven, no visible tattoos or piercings). Are you able to meet this requirement?

A valet attendant must be able to work in all elements of weather, and able to stand for extended periods of time. Are you able to meet this aspect of the job? Give me an example of when you had to work in similar environments.

Ensuring our hotel and restaurant guests have a great experience is our priority. As a valet, how do you ensure that you create a stellar customer or guest experience?

As mentioned good customer service and communication skills are vital to being a successful valet attendant. Suppose you return a car to a guest and he suddenly becomes very angry and accuses you of causing damage to his car. You are not aware of any damage you may have caused but he is extremely upset and asks to speak with the hotel manager. How would you handle this?

Integrity and ethics is one of our cultural values. Suppose you see another valet attendant take a guest’s car for a short but unnecessary drive. What would you do?

Our guests drive all types of motor vehicles. Are you able to drive cars with standard or stick as well as automatic? What class of drivers license do you hold?

Safety is of paramount importance. Do you have any driving prohibitions, charges, offenses, infractions, etc within the last few years that we should know about? Can you provide a current driving record or abstract?

How would your coworkers, bosses and customers describe you?

We require our valet attendants to complete a criminal check with the police or your local law enforcement. Are you able to meet this requirement?

Why should we hire you as our valet driver?