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I think it was Shakespeare who said, “A rose by any other name smells as sweet”. This saying is almost always true except in regards to the email address on your resumes. When it comes to email addresses on your resume, there are email addresses that make the right impression in your job search and there are ones that make the wrong impression (or just down right embarrassing email addresses).  Using the right email address can get you job interviews.

As a HR pro, I have seen many resumes and as a result, many contact email addresses. When I chat with fellow hiring professionals, the overwhelming comment is the shocking and humorous email addresses that they come across.  Here is a list of some dos and don’ts when it comes to email addresses on your resume.


If you want to get a job interview, don’t use the word, “girl” in your email address when applying for a job. For example, the email address “” just doesn’t give a positive impression of someone who will stay put at a job longer then a few seconds. So avoid the word, “girl” in your email address.  Of course, this is unless you are applying for work in a child-labor factory in the third world or perhaps as a ride operator at Michael Jackson’s Never Never Land. Which takes me to my next point – don’t use the word “boy” in your email address.

Avoid using the word “boy” in your email address when applying for work if you want to get a job interview. For example, “”.  Again, unless the job you are applying for involves a polyester uniform, a visor and a plastic name tag – avoid using the word “boy”.

Stay away from listing any email address on your resume that contains the words, “bigdaddy” as in “”. Unless you are applying for the position of “pen pal” and want to start getting emails from prison, I would advise against this email name.

Refrain from listing an email address on your resume that contains the number “69”, such as “” . Just don’t. I don’t care if you were born in ‘69 and your favourite musician is Bryan Adams, just abstain from the number “69”.

To get that job interview, don’t use anything that would indicate your age. For example, “” is not the best choice when applying for a job.  Unless of course you believe that age discrimination does not exist. So if you firmly believe that employers don’t age discriminate like at your local trendy yuppie chain restaurant, where even the most qualified and experienced fine dining server would be bypassed because they are over the ripe old age of 3 (not to mention their shirt is not tight enough and skirt not short enough). So if this is your religion, then pray on.


When applying for work, use email addresses that are professional, short and clean.

A good convention to help you land that job interview and avoid an embarrassing email address on your resume is to use a combination of your name or initials along with your job category or industry. For example, a good email for a nurse applying for work is “” or “” . Both of these emails help the hiring manager remember your name, application and create a professional image (the first step in creating a personal brand).

While the benefits from creating a personal brand are attractive, you may be still reluctant to create another email that you have to check for employer responses. Well there is good news. You can simply either forward the new email address to your existing email address or simply add the new email account to your existing.

Be Professional

When it comes to applying for jobs, you need to create a personal brand that is professional. A great resume creates the wrong impression with an unprofessional email address attached to it. I should know since I have seen many resumes with embarrassing email addresses.

Well it’s time to wrap this up. Until next post, good luck and much success with your career goals. If have any HR questions or need professional advice, please don’t hesitate to contact me at “” ……see, you wouldn’t trust it either.