Emergency Services Job Interview Questions

Prepare for your Emergency Services Job Interview with these sample interview questions. Below is a collection of sample interview questions for jobs like EMT, EMR, paramedics, fire and rescue, 911 operator, and so forth.

Have you ever worked on a group project for a class? How did you make sure the other group members were doing their share of the project?

How do you measure success?

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Bonus Questions

  • How do you feel about reporting to a younger person?
  • Tell me about a time when you delegated an important task to someone.
  • Have you received any work-related rewards letters of achievement? For example, have you received recognition, awards for outstanding performance? Explain.

Daily Interview Tip

You can glean information about the company and employees from LinkedIn. If they have a company page, check out the insights link to see where employees came from, former employees you may know and employees with new titles. What type of salary are you looking for? Preparing questions for the employer shows you are organized and are serious about wanting to work there.