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A Firefighter Fighting Time – What To Do While You Wait for Firefighter Job Openings

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In our posts Firefighter Job Interview Questions Part 1 and Part 2, we shared with you some question you can expect in an interview for a firefighter. In this post, we are going to talk about some useful strategies for what you can do while waiting for your job interview.

The Waiting Game

So you have all your firefighting credentials (NFPA I/II, Class 3, First Aid and so on) and you are eagerly job hunting. But as you know, for most people, the process does not exactly move at lightening speeds.  From some of the stories I have heard, it can be almost a nightmare trying to get in. I mean the whole process which is quite extensive with testing, physicals, etc. can take a while. But don’t be discouraged, I have also heard of some stories where guys get in right away. Like with most jobs, timing and persistence iseverything. Each fire department recruits at different times of the year, and it also depends on things like when the veterans decide to step down.

Make Time Your Friend

So outside of waiting what can you do to put yourself in a good position when your opportunity comes? Keep yourself prepared and sharp by strengthening your resume. Things like volunteering to show your community involvement is an excellent thing to do while waiting for a hiring cycle. Look for places to volunteer your in a first-aid capacity. There are many worthy causes like the Special Olympics, and public sporting events like bike races, and triathlons that will demonstrate your commitment to the community, give you practical first-aid experience and keep your skills sharp. Most importantly, it will show your hustle and dedication to your career goal, cause remember their are a lot of candidates competing for a few positions.

Outside of first-aid volunteer, if you don’t already do so, you could look for a part-time job driving with air brakes. Or take some courses, language courses, or specialty skills like diving, or climbing can a long way to making your application stand out. Not only will it make you look better on paper but it will give you more ammunition in job interviews. Just imagine how fantastic you will look when the hiring manager asks you what you have done to prepare yourself for the job? Or if they ask you to tell them about a time when you worked under pressure and you can cite an practical experience delivering first-aid.

Expand Your Horizons

What else can you do to expand your options? Well if you are open to opportunities outside of your local community then you will have more options. One good thing to do is to expand your horizons and possibilities. Research other departments outside of your local area and look for hiring opportunities. You can not only search online job boards but create a google alert with the keywords so you will be notified when there are firefighter job openings around the world. Here is an article that I found using my google alerts about how short staff the fire departments are in South Wales, UK. So if you are up for an adventure on top of your job in firefighting (which is already an adventure on it’s own), check out this article and use the web to find firefighting opportunities in other countries. Until our next post, we wish you much luck and success in your career search.

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