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Ambulance Attendants, Paramedics, EMR, EMT Job Interview Questions

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An Ambulance Attendant or Paramedic attends to medical emergencies and treats patients with illnesses and injuries. Paramedics are often the first responders to the scene of accidents, medical emergencies, and so forth. When not attending such urgent emergencies, an ambulance attendant transports patients to and from medical facilities and hospitals.

Ambulance Attendant, Paramedic, EMR, EMT  Job Interview Questions

A Paramedic must be able to make decisions quickly under pressure. Tell me about a time when you had to make a decision regarding a patient when you wish you had more time and/or information.

As an ambulance driver for our hospital, you will be required to join a union. Will you be able to meet this requirement?

The ability to work effectively with a diverse patient population is a characteristic of a successful paramedic. Describe a situation where you had to accommodate a patient’s culture when administering emergency medical treatment or first aid.

When attending a medical emergency, an ambulance driver must not only get to the scene quickly but also safely. What class of driver license do you hold? Have you received driving demerits, prohibitions, motor vehicle fines, etc.? When did you get these driving infractions?

Describe the diplomas, degrees, certifications and licenses you hold related to being an ambulance attendant. For example, EMR or emergency medical responder, occupational first aid, AED or automated external defibrillator, Canadian/American Heart and Stroke Basic Life Support (BLS), EMT, firs responder, etc.

A great ambulance attendant delivers first aid treatment or emergency medical service compassionately and maintain patient dignity? Give me a recent example.

An emergency medical responder (EMR) attendant must be physically fit to meet the requirements of the job. How do you stay fit? What types of individual or team sports and activities do you participate in?

Ambulance services can be a stressful job for a paramedic. How do you manage your stress?

As an ambulance attendant you will be required to get to the scene quickly and safely. Tell me more about your experience with reading and interpreting maps. How well do you know the area that you will be serving?

There are many career opportunities within emergency medical field.  Below are some job titles related to the ambulance attendant or paramedic.

Paramedic Related Job Titles

advanced care paramedic

advanced emergency medical assistant

advanced life support attendant

advanced life support co-ordinator

advanced life support paramedic

ambulance attendant

ambulance attendant trainee

ambulance attendants supervisor

ambulance driver

ambulance driver-attendant

ambulance services field supervisor

ambulance services supervisor

ambulance services unit chief

ambulance technician

assistant paramedic

assistant, emergency medical care

attendant, advanced life support

attendant, ambulance

attendant, first aid – paramedical

attendant, infant transport

chief ambulance attendant

critical care paramedic

drilling rig medic

drilling rig medical technician

drilling rig medical warden

drilling rig medical worker

driver, ambulance

EMA (emergency medical attendant)

EMCA (emergency medical care attendant)

emergency medical assistant

emergency medical attendant (EMA)

emergency medical care assistant

emergency medical care attendant (EMCA)

emergency medical care technician, newborns

emergency medical responder

emergency medical technician (EMT)

emergency medical technician, paramedic (EMT – P)

emergency medical technologist, paramedic

emergency paramedic

EMT (emergency medical technician)

EMT – P (emergency medical technician paramedic)

field supervisor, ambulance services

first aid attendant – paramedical

infant transport attendant

intermediate care paramedic

medic, drilling rig

medical assistant (paramedic) – military

medical care technician, newborns

medical technician

medical technician, drilling rig

medical warden, drilling rig

newborn emergency medical care technician

newborn medical care technician


paramedic worker

primary care paramedic

registered emergency medical aid

registered emergency paramedic

search and rescue technician – military

supervisor ambulance attendants

supervisor, ambulance services

technician, ambulance

unit chief, ambulance services