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Chemical Engineer Job Interview Questions

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The Chemical Engineer is responsible to provide the designs and total constructions aspects needed to implement new product/processes.In job will require to perform analytical and conceptual work to detail, develop complicated mater, develop and execute test plans and Conduct tests to investigate the performance of new materials. Below are a few job interview questions a job seeker may be asked during an interview for a Chemical Engineer.

Chemical Engineer can work within the manufacturing and processing industries, consulting firms, government, research and educational institutions.

If you are a chemical engineer and have submitted your resume to potential employers hoping to land the right job, then read this post.  Submitting a stand out resume is only the first step, you must now work on perfecting your interview skills.  Read this post before your next interview and consider how you would answer the following questions.


Chemical Engineer Job Interview Questions:

Describe your previous experience as a chemical engineer where you had to design and execute experiments on the bench scale pilot plant facilities. What were some of the experiments executed and how were they implemented?

Along with executing ongoing experiments, the chemical engineer will be required to analyse the results from the bench scale pilot plant and propose ways to improve the efficiency of the process. Tell us about some of the proposals you have suggested for improving process efficiency? What was the most complex analysis you have conducted? What was the end result?

A chemical engineer must always keep current within the field. From your experience as a chemical engineer tell us about your experience in developing and understanding reaction kinetics and how you were able to optimise the reaction yield and throughput with equipment size and cost?

Describe a chemical engineer project where you have incorporated the data from the bench scale pilot plant into the design of the pilot plant facilities? What type of data did you collect?

The chemical engineer will be required to liaise with various internal staff and external clients. Tell us about the most comprehensive informal progress presentations to the industrial collaborators you have prepared. How did you ensure that the audience understood your presentation? What was the largest group you have had to present to?

Tell us about a time as a chemical engineer when you had to identify potential scaling up issues and estimate the cost of the pilot plant facilities? How did you go about identifying the problems and find the costing estimates?

In your previous experience as a chemical engineer, what is your experience in optimizing heat integration of the production steps in order to minimise energy consumption? Did you have to calculate the overall energy consumption and carbon footprint of the production process?

Chemical Engineer can be called by MANY job titles. Here are some job titles related to the Chemical Engineer:

  • adhesives engineer
  • biochemical engineer
  • bio-technical engineer
  • chemical engineer
  • chemical process engineer
  • industrial hygiene engineer
  • industrial waste treatment engineer
  • liquid fuels engineer
  • petrochemical engineer
  • polymer engineer
  • process control engineer
  • project engineer
  • pulp and paper engineer
  • refinery engineer
  • waste treatment engineer