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Executive Assistant Job Interview Questions

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So you’ve got a job interview lined up for position as executive assistant, now what?  Well, the first thing you have to do is get yourself prepared and ready for your EA job interview.

Today we are going to talk about how you can ace your executive assistant job interview.  We will cover what employers are looking for in an EA, what questions will be asked in your job interview, and how you can best prepare yourself to answer these questions.

Computer And MS Office Skills

Computer skills are essential to the position as executive assistant.  Executives love long and complex spreadsheets.  As a result, you will very often have to compile data in a spreadsheet and prepare reports.  It is very advantageous for you to be ready to speak to your computer skills.  Be prepared to not only say that, yes I am familiar with Excel, but describe your level of expertise and give examples of how you applied the skills and the types of reports you prepare.  For example, rather than saying, “yes I know how to use Excel.”  You can say, “I am very familiar with Excel.  I can create complex macros, pivot tables, use lookup functions and use what-if tools.”  Uses same approach to describe your skills with Microsoft access, word, PowerPoint and so forth.

Outstanding Writing Skills

One of the key requirements employers look for in all EA jobs is strong writing skills.  I guarantee that you will be asked a question in your interview to describe your writing skills.  So how do you answer this kind of job interview question?  Be ready to not only describe your writing skill but also give examples of the kind of writing that you have done.  And another great way to show your writing skill to any employer is to bring samples of what you’ve written for a former employer.  It’s one thing to say how well you can write, and it’s another to show how well you can write.  Just make sure that before you show the documents you have removed any identifying or sensitive information.  The lasting you wanted to is inadvertently demonstrate your lack of judgment and tact, are you really attending to show you skills.

Flexible And Quickly Adapting To Change

Executives lead hectic and busy schedule.  Because of this, executives look for assistance who can be flexible and quickly adapt to change.  When I say flexible, I mean assistants who are available to do overtime, and flexible in their thinking and way of doing things.  Because things change so quickly for executive, emergencies arise, a company crisis emerges or perhaps a sudden priority change things will quickly change for their assistants as well.

The best way to show a potential employer that you are flexible and can quickly adapt to sudden shifts in priority is to provide an example from your past work where you had to adapt quickly.  Take a moment to jot down a few examples of when you had to suddenly shift your work priorities around to meet emerging need from your boss.  Doing this will go a long way to securing your job as the new executive assistant.

Pressure And Deadlines

Work at the executive level is not easy, is filled with pressures and deadlines.  Can you handle the heat?  If you are asked how well you do under pressure, how do you answer this kind of job interview question?  The answer is to stress that you thrive under pressure.  Reinforce the point that you are very comfortable working under pressure, and that you’re very accustomed to fast-paced environment.  And provide an example of how you had to meet an aggressive timeline or work in a hectic environment.  Most importantly in your job interview answer don’t forget to describe the successful results that you achieved.

Below are job interview questions designed specifically for Executive Assistant jobs.  Be sure to check out these questions and learn how to answer them before your next EA job interview. Check out job interview questions specifically for Executive Assistants!