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Financial Analyst Job Interview Questions

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So you have an interview for a Financial Analyst position.  Well, then you should read this post because below are job interview questions for a Financial Analyst job. The questions below are the same ones we used in working with high profile staffing companies for the position of Financial Analyst.

Depending on the specific job and company, Financial Analysts may also be called:

  • chartered financial analyst
  • financial analyst
  • investment analyst
  • money market analyst
  • portfolio manager
  • research associate, financial services

5 Financial Analyst Job Interview Questions

What is your experience creating daily sales reports for a specific company? How did you go about creating the sales report?

Tell us about your experience with analysis of financial & management reporting actual and plan revenues, expenses, and balance sheet items during the month-end close period. This includes detailed variance analysis. How did you gather this information for a specific project?

Have you assisted with the quarterly forecasting and annual planning processes (e.g. updating revenue and expense models, input of forecasts and detailed plans by org unit into the financial systems, coordinating plan transfers, etc.) for a specific allocated project?

Tell us about specific profitability models used for forecasting, business casing and ad hoc analyses you have developed and maintained for a specific project?

What type of financial expertise have you provided to the Project Manager in support of expansion programs? What was the size and budget of the project?

How Did We Create These Questions and How Should You Answer?

The interview questions you see above, are created using the same methods we used as coporate HR professionals.

We are always looking for new jobs to create interview questions for, so if you have a request let us know. If you enjoyed this post, we invite you to visit this site regularly for updated articles.