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Financial Planner, Financial Advisor, Financial Services Representative Job Interview Question

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A Financial Planner or Financial Services Representative ( FSR ) helps clients achieve their financial goals. Financial Advisors help investors create an investment plan which includes identifying their goals, risk tolerance and investment time lines.

A Financial Planner, sometimes called Financial Sales Representative, typically works in banks, credit unions, financial planning and investment firms. If you are a Financial Advisor, then you should read this post. Below are job interview questions designed specifically for the position of Financial Planner.  Read each question carefully and prepare your response before your next interview.  Also it would be wise to be prepared to provide an example to support your job interview answer.

Financial Planner, Financial Advisor, Financial Services Representative Job Interview Question

Tell me more about your experience in selling financial products, such as life insurance, disability income insurance, and long-term care insurance, annuities, mutual funds, and other securities.

The ability to communicate is vital to being a successful Financial Advisor. Tell me about a situation when you had to explain a financial product to a client who has having trouble understanding you. What methods or techniques did you use to help them understand the financial product that you were recommending?

A Financial Advisor must be a continuous learner since the world of investment products, the money markets, mutual funds are constantly changing. What do you do to stay current with the financial market?

Being persuasive is a valuable trait for a Financial Planner. Tell me about a time when you disagreed with what your client was wanting. How did you convince them to consider your alternatives?

Describe the diplomas, degrees, licenses, courses etc. that you hold related to being a Financial Advisor. For example, provincial or state licenses, FINRA, securities, certified financial planner ( CFP ) etc.

Taking initiative and being a self-starter are critical traits to being a successful Financial Advisor. Give me an example of any new ideas you have suggested to your manager related to financial planning. What happened to the idea you suggested?

In some banks or financial institutions, Financial Advisors are also known as Financial Services Sales Representatives. The words “sales rep” in that job title highlights the core responsibility of selling financial products. While you must meet sales objectives, you must also meet customer objectives which may not align. Give me example of when you did not feel comfortable selling a financial product or service. Why?

Perseverance is very important to the job. As a Financial Services Representative tell me about a time when you persisted in overcoming objections to show how a financial product or service met the customer’s needs.

Sometimes knowing when to give up can be hard. Can you think of a time when you persisted too long at a task? What did you learn?

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