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Top Ten Funny Interview Moments

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Many things are said, seen and done in job interviews. Some become memorable. Others we’d like to forget. The team at came up with this list of our 1 most memorable job interview moments we have encountered over our years as human resources professionals.

Candidate arrives for job interview wearing only shorts, flip flops, baseball cap and tank top.

When asking the candidate if they know about our company, the candidate continues to talk about a different company altogether. After looking at our faces, the individual stops and says, “no”.

Not being able to respond to a behavior based question for the third time, candidate becomes frustrated, gets up and leaves.

The actual candidate is too nervous to attend the job interview. They send a friend on their behalf.

Candidate continues to chew gum and popping bubbles while in the job interview.

Candidate informs panels that they have a “bad stomach” and continues to flatulate or “pass wind”. The job interview ends early.

Candidate brings lunch and proceeds to eat a hamburger and french fries in the room while participating in the job interview.

Candidate answers cell phone while in the job interview and continues to have a personal conversation. After ending the call, the candidate fills us in on the details of the conversation before asking “where were we?”

Asking about the candidate’s interests outside of work the individual informs the panel that they are a vocalist in a band and proceeds to sing a song.

And the #1 most memorable job interview moment….

Last but not least, our funniest job interview story is next. While waiting in the reception area to be called in for the job interview the candidate is feeling nervous and needs to go to the bathroom. Rather then asking the receptionist for directions to the washroom, the individual proceeds outside to relieve themselves in the bushes close to the building. The individual did not realize that the windows were mirrored, where you can’t see in but everyone inside can see out. Security alert!

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