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A Job Interview Portfolio Because Talk is Cheap

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Having conducted hundreds of job interviews in the past, we can’t stress enough how important a job interview portfolio can benefit a job seeker. Yes, the first impression always begins with a well prepared candidate able to respond effectively to interview questions but the “tie-breaker” is when a candidate can go above and beyond and really knock our socks off. The job interview portfolio does just that, it sets one candidate apart from the rest and leaves an impression. There have been numerous situations where a decision has to be made to fill one position and there are three highly qualified candidates, which one do we choose? Funny as it sounds, in many cases it’s the candidate who takes the time to provide us with a portfolio. Here is a confession, we do tend to go through a candidate’s job interview portfolio again if its on our desk staring us in the face. So because you have left us something tangible, it helps us remember you and demonstrate the quality of your work because sometimes talk is cheap.