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Fitness Instructor Job Interview Questions

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If you are interviewing for a Fitness Instructor or Fitness Coordinator position, you will want to read this post. Below are job interview questions that we have used to hire for the job.  As corporate HR professionals we developed job interview questions for hiring managers.

Depending on the industry, employer and specialty, Fitness Instructors may also be known under different job titles.  Here are job titles related to Fitness Instructor:

  • certified personal trainer
  • aerobics instructor
  • camp counsellor
  • day camp leader
  • fitness instructor
  • gymnastics teacher
  • lifeguard
  • personal trainer
  • playground worker
  • recreation program leader
  • riding instructor
  • ski instructor
  • ski patrol
  • swimming instructor – sports
  • weight trainer or strength trainer
  • yoga instructor

5 Fitness Instructor Job Interview Questions

Tell me a time when you were responsible to plan, evaluate, coordinate and schedule fitness activities or events within an environment of changing priorities and deadlines.

Give me an example of a time when you needed to communicate information to a individual or group where it was important that your education and experience influenced them?

Give me examples of the types of fitness classes that you have taught. How many classes per week do you teach? what is the average size of the class?

What personal fitness programs have you designed and delivered?

Give me some examples of current fitness and health trends. How do you integrate them in your work?

How Did We Create These Questions and How Should You Answer?

The interview questions you see above, are created using the same methods we used as coporate HR professionals.

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