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Program Leader, Recreation Worker, Sport and Fitness Instructor Job Interview Questions

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If you have a job interview for Program Leaders or Instructors in Recreation read the post below.

A Program Leader and Recreation Worker typically works in athletic clubs, community centres and recreational facilities. But they are also employed by governments and private companies to supervise gyms and so forth.

Below are job interview questions for Program Leaders or Instructors in Recreation

Program Leader, Recreation Worker, Sport and Fitness Instructor Job Interview Questions

Have you completed a college program in recreation or physical education? Tell me more about your education.

Describe your experience in a specific recreational or sports program activity?

Why should we hire you to be our Program Leaders or Recreation Worker?

Tell me about a time when you had to demonstrate and instruct athletic, fitness or sports activities and techniques to someone who was not getting it. How did you help this person improve?

As Recreation Worker, you will need to be a good coach. Give me an example of a student that had difficulty taking your coaching. What did you do to facilitate learning?

Recreation Workers that have expertise in a sport or recreation is an asset. Do you hold a certification in recreational, sports or fitness activity? For example, tennis coach, ski instructor or personal trainer

As a program leader or recreation worker, you will be working with people from many different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. How has your experience taught you to work effectively with clients of various backgrounds?

Suppose you are a golf instructor at a high end golf course and you see the Vice President of your largest sponsor who is very intoxicated with a drink in his hand while driving a golf cart. There is a club policy against this. When you approach him he indicates that he knows your bosses very well and will have you fired if you ask him to take his drink back to the club. How would you handle this? Role play your response being the golf instructor, I will play the Vice President.

As a program leader or recreation worker, you will be required to have first aid training. What level of training in first aid or emergency care do you have?

Thinking on your career as a Recreation Worker, what is your proudest accomplishment in recreation, athletics or fitness?

As a Recreation Worker you will be working with large groups of youth. Suppose you are supervising a teen sports activity and you see two youths begin to fight. How would you handle this?

Depending on the employer, sport or industry, recreation instructors are known by many different titles.  Here are some job titles related to program instructor:

certified personal trainer
aerobics instructor
camp counsellor
day camp leader
fitness instructor
gymnastics teacher
personal trainer
playground worker
recreation program leader
riding instructor
ski instructor
ski patrol
swimming instructor – sports

Lastly, remember to review your resume.  Hiring managers ask questions based on your resume.  It would be wise to take a look at your resume to refresh your memory on what you did years ago.  The last thing you want to is be caught off guard when the interviewer asks you about something you did a few years ago.  Until our next post, good luck and much success in your career.