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Case Manager, Occupational Therapist Job Interview Questions

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The Case Manager, Occupational Therapist is responsible for testing and evaluating patients’ physical and mental abilities and analyze the data to determine realistic rehabilitation goals. You will determine activities necessary to help individuals learn life-management skills within limits of their mental and physical capabilities.  Below are a few job interview questions a job seeker may be asked during an interview for a Case Manager, Occupational Therapist.

Case Manager, Oppupational Therapist typically work in health care facilities, in schools, and by private and social services agencies, or they may be self-employed.

Case Manager , Occupational Therapist Job Interview Questions:

Tell us about your previous experience, when you coordinated the integration of your social case management functions into the patient care, discharge, and home planning processes with other hospital departments, external service organizations, agencies and healthcare facilities. Provide us with a particular example?

The occupational therapist will be responsible for conducting concurrent medical record review using specific indicators and criteria as approved by medical staff, and other state agencies. Please tell us about your experience when you acted as a patient advocate either: investigating and reporting adverse occurrences, discharge planning and psychosocial aspects of healthcare delivery. What was your biggest challenge when conducting concurrent reviews?

Briefly give us an example as a case manager where you conducted a review for appropriate utilization of services from admission through discharge? How did you evaluate patient satisfaction and quality of care provided?

A occupational therapist must always be organized, since patient care is vital. What tools or processes have you created for assessing patient care required? For example: Continuum of care for diagnosis and procedures etc.

As a case manager, describe the most challenging introduction of self to patient and family you have experience when explaining your role and process for patient and family to contact clinical case manager? Why was the introduction challenging and how did you build a positive relationship and communication channel going forward?

When do you make a decision as a professional case manager to refer cases where patients and/or family would benefit from counselling required to complete complex discharge plan to social worker?

Working in a group, describe your role when you had to collaborate with clinical staff in the development and execution of the plan of care, and achievement of goals? What was the size of the team? Did you face any challenges either in your role or working with difficult team member?

Case Manager can be called by MANY job tittles. Here are some job titles related to the Case Manager:

  • clinical occupational therapist
  • community occupational therapist
  • occupational therapist (OT)
  • occupational therapist rehabilitation consultant
  • occupational therapist, case manager
  • occupational therapist, research and development
  • case manager
  • OT
  • clinical occupational therapy specialist
  • community practice occupational therapist
  • home care occupational therapist
  • rehabilitation consultant occupational therapist
  • research and development occupational therapist
  • research occupational therapist
  • research case manager
  • clinical case manager
  • community case manager