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Health Care Job Interview Questions – Community, Hospital Pharmacist

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Below are some job interview questions for the position of Community or Hospital Pharmacist.  The methods used to create these questions are the same ones employed by corporate HR in developing hiring processes.  We have focused on the soft skills via the core duties of a pharmacist.

Health Care Job Interview Questions – Community, Hospital Pharmacist

Do yo hold a bachelor of science degree in pharmacy?

How did your practical training or practicum prepare you to work for us  in this setting?

It is required that you hold the proper license to practice pharmacy in our state/province.  What type of license do you hold?

Why do you want to serve this community as a pharmacist?

In this location, you will need to supervise the work of other pharmacists, pharmacy assistants, pharmacy technicians and other staff.  Tell me about a time when you had a direct report struggle to meet performance objectives.  How did you handle this?

We don’t always get along with all the people we work with.  Can you tell me about someone you work with at a pharmacy that you did not get along with?  Why do you think you were at odds?

What have you done in the last year to further yourself as pharmacist?  What have you done in the last year to help you become a better pharmacist?

As a pharmacist, you will need to work with patients of various cultural and ethnic backgrounds.  Tell me about a time when you had to consider a patient’s cultural background in your work.  What were the considerations?  What decision did you make?

Keeping accurate and up to date records is vital as pharmacist.  What methods and techniques do you use to ensure you keep track of these details?

List 5 skills or competencies that you believe is needed to be a successful pharmacist.   Which of the 5 is are you weakest in?

Tell me why we should hire you as our pharmacist?

Depending on the country, industry, or employer, a pharmacist may be called by a variety of job titles.  Here are some job titles related to a pharmacist:

clinical pharmacist
community pharmacist
dispensary department supervisor – hospital
drug information pharmacist
health care institution pharmacist
hospital druggist
hospital pharmacist
industrial pharmacist
pharmacist – military
pharmacist consultant
registered pharmacist
retail pharmacist