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Health Care Job Interview Questions – Occupational Therapist

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Below are job interview questions for the Occupational Therapist position. The methods used to develop these questions are the same techniques used by corporate HR in developing hiring requirements.

Occupational Therapist Job Interview Questions

Job Interview Questions

As an Occupational Therapist for this company, you will be required to travel locally. Do you have a valid drivers license?

Do you have any driving prohibitions, restrictions, or demerits that would prevent you from performing the duties of required in this job?

As an occupational therapist, you will have to deal with uncooperative patients occasionally. Tell me about a time when you had to deal with an uncooperative and maybe even combative patient. How did you handle it?

As a member of an interdisciplinary team, you will establish personalized care plans. As such teamwork is essential. We don’t always get along with everyone we work with. Tell me about someone who you worked with or for that you did not get along with? How did you handle this situation?

A Baccalaureate in Occupational Therapy or Rehabilitation Sciences or Graduation from an occupational therapy program approved by the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT)  from a recognized program is required.  Do you hold such qualifications?

Current and ongoing registration with the regulatory body (i.e. College of Occupational Therapists of British Columbia (COTBC) )  is required for this position. Are you able to meet this requirement?

Tell about a time when you identified a problem before anyone else when analysing clients’ capabilities and expectations.

List 5 traits required to be a successful occupational therapist.  Which of these is your greatest weakness?

How have your experiences and education prepared you to be successful as a occupational therapist?

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