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Nutritionist, Dietician Job Interview Questions

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The Nutritionist, dietician is reponsible for assessing patients who have difficulty in complying with dietary restrictions, understanding complex dietary restrictions, high nutritional risk, malnutrition or other weight and health related issues with nutrition. The objective is to develop care plans and counsel patient to promote healthy eating habits within various environmental or cultural settings. Below are a few job interview questions a job seeker may be asked during an interview for a Nutritionist, dietitian.

Nutritionist, dietitian Job Interview Questions:

The Nutritionist, dietician constantly assesses and develops a nutritional care plan with the goal of achieving: optimal nutritional status and health education for both patients and clients. Provide us with an example of a recent counselling session you had with a client? What were some of the recommendations and plans you were able to develop for them?

Scenario: You have a client approach you for your dietitian services. The young lady is set to get married in 4 months and wants to go on a diet and be able to not only fit into her wedding dress but also maintain the diet. She plans to lose up to 35 pounds prior to the big day. What sort of diet plan would you recommend? What questions would you ask her prior to developing a care plan? Also, what would you recommend for ongoing maintenance?

It is important for a nutritionist, dietician to provide clients with information on nutrition topics of general interest through pamphlets, information sheets, articles of information, group teachings etc. Provide us with an example of some pamphlets or information you have written in the past? Is this information published and still being used today? Also, what is the largest group you have taught and how do you maintain their interest?

Provide us with the most challenging client you have had to deal with as a nutritionist, dietician? What made the situation challenging and what did you do to develop a positive relationship and build good rapport

In many instances, a client may get other advice or information from other nutritionist, dietitians before approaching you. How do you determine and persuade a client to take your advice over another dietitian? Have you ever worked in a team of other nutritionists where you had different opinions? How did you resolve the situation or come up with various solutions to a single problem?

Nutritionist, dietician can be called by MANY job titles. Here are some job titles related to the Nutritionist, dietician:

  • administrative dietitian
  • clinical dietitian
  • community nutritionist
  • consultant dietitian
  • dietitian
  • nutrition and dietetics researcher
  • nutritionist
  • public health dietitian
  • registered dietitian (RD)
  • registered nutritionist