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Bellhop Sample Job Interview Questions

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Bellhop Sample Job Interview Questions


Bellhops must take luggage to the rooms of their hotel guests. In addition, they ensure that the room meets the standards set by the hotel before the guest arrives. After showing the guest to their room, the bellhop often shows the guest how to use the features of the room such as internet, computer, television or telephone.

Here is a list of my favorite bellhop job interview questions. I invite you to use these free job interview questions for your next interview.

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As a bellhop you will have to work outside under covered conditions.  Will you be able to meet this demand?

You will report directly to the bell captain, the senior bellhop overseeing the department.  Described the bell captains that you of work most successfully for.

Suppose you became aware that a fellow bellhop look into the hotel guests personal belonging without their permission.  How would you handle this?

The bell captain assigns work based on seniority to ensure all porters get a fairer distribution of work.  What if the bell captain assigned you more work than someone more senior to you?  How would you respond?

Our hotel prides itself on providing service that exceeds customer expectations.  In your mind, how do you exceed customer expectations with regard to your bellhop services?

I would like to dual role play with you.  In this role play.  I’m a hotel guest and you showing me to my room.  Upon entering the room, I discovered that the lights are not working and the ventilation is also not working.  I’m very upset and I insist on speaking to your manager.

Suppose you see your co-worker take a short-cut by not following a safety procedure in order to meet a deadline.  How would you handle this?

The job involves lifting suit cases, luggage, etc.  How do you keep yourself health and fit?

We are looking for someone with strong leadership skills in this Hospitality role. How (if at all) have you involved others in determining their developmental needs? Give examples.

Have you written letters to answer complaints in our job as Bellhop? Tell me about a recent situation.

Making decisions in group situations is difficult because some will like the decision and others will not. Describe a time when you needed to make a decision with these possible results.

Tell me about some situations in your job as a Bellhop in which you had to abruptly change what you were doing. What did you do? How did it affect you?

How do you monitor your employees? progress on projects or tasks you delegated? Give a specific example.

What do you consider the most important contributions your department has made to the organization? What was your role? Give examples.

Tell me about the most difficult hotel guest you have experienced.  What was it about this guest that made him or her difficult?  How did you handle it?

Our Bellhops are under pressure when a large tour of group of hotel guests arrive to check in or when they check out to catch their flight?  When have you worked under pressure?