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Busser or Bus Person Sample Job Interview Questions

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Busser or Bus Person Sample Job Interview Questions


Bussers help servers clear and set tables and get ready for customers. Often they must take direction from servers and restaurant managers so they have to be coach-able. They must be able to work under pressure, shifts, evenings and weekends. Employers look for people who are neat and tidy, professional and friendly. Make sure you have work examples that demonstrate these qualities.

Here are common currently questions asked in Busser or Bus Person job interiews. We have compiled the hottest job interview questions used by today’s employers for Busser or Bus Person positions. These questions have been compiled by recruiters, hiring managers and hr pros.

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We operate a five-star hotel and offer an upscale dining experience to our guests.  Is very important for all of our employees to uphold standards with regard to friendliness and cleanliness.  Suppose you became aware that one of your fellow bus person was cutting corners.  How would you react to this?

How would you describe your attendance record?

Do you have any related education?  For example, food handling, customer service, hospitality training and so forth.

This position is subject to preemployment drug testing and a criminal history background check, which may include fingerprinting.  Are you able to meet this requirement?

Describe your experience working in a casino, hotel, restaurant setting.

We operate a fast-paced and busy hotel.  Often you’ll need to work under pressure and work quickly and efficiently to complete your tasks such as setting tables, polishing silverware, etc. Tell me about some of the busiest laces you worked in.

Do you hold a current OLCC servers permit?

What experience do you have in this field?

We don’t always get the benefit of advanced notice because not all our restaurant guests make reservations.  Tell me about the biggest unexpected rush you have to deal with as a bus person.

Tell me about a time when you made a mistake at work.

What is your biggest weakness as bus person?

As a bus person, how do you ensure a great dining experience for your customers?

What do you do to go above and beyond and exceed your customer’s expectations?

Describe a situation when you disagreed with a server. What did you disagree with? How did you handle it?

Have you written any memos to other restaurant staff? Tell me about one of these memos.

Sometimes as a Busser or Bus Person we have to go against traditions or policies to accomplish a goal. Describe a time when this has happened to you.

What caught your attention in the job posting for this position?

Tell me about a time when the work load was very heavy. How did you maintain production in our job as Busser or Bus Person?