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Catering or Banquet Manager Job Interview Questions

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Here are job interview questions for the Catering or Banquet Manager position. The methods and techniques used here are ones used in corporate HR for the hospitality industry.

Catering Manager Job Interview Questions

Tell me about a time when you had to handle a catering customer complaint or issue (maybe pricing, billing, food quality, service, etc.). How did you handle it?

How do you make decisions regarding catering menu and costing?

What methods or techniques do you use to ensure catering details and special requests for a catering event are met?

Describe the most challenging catering event you had to setup for. What made it so challenging? What did you learn from this?

Tell me about a time when you had to coach a catering team member who was not meeting expectations. What did you do?

Why should we hire you as catering manager?

List 5 traits required to be a successful catering manager. Which of the 5 represents your greatest opportunity for improvement.

Suppose a catering customer approached you because he is very upset that one of your staff was rude. He demands his money back. Role play this, pretend that I am the customer.
Be aware that depending on the employer and industry, catering managers may be known as the following:

  • assistant manager, restaurant
  • banquet manager
  • bar manager
  • cafeteria manager
  • catering service manager
  • dining room manager
  • food services manager
  • hotel food and beverage service manager
  • restaurant manager
  • restaurateur – food services