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Concierge Sample Job Interview Questions

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Concierges have one of the most diverse set of responsibilities in the hotel industry.  They do just about everything to ensure hotel guest’s comfort.  Duties include taking messages for hotel guests,  making reservations for concerts, shows and dinners, recommend sites to see, suggest cafes and shopping markets, and recommend tourist sites. As such, top hotels look for people who like taking on different things, who are resourceful, and can quickly think on their feet. Last but not least, don’t get so nervous you forget to smile during the interview to show the interviewer that you are friendly, enjoy helping people, and have exceptional communication skills, you may be a great fit

Do you have a Concierge job interview coming up? preparation is the key to success. Below are interview questions currently asked by employers hiring for Concierge positions. Use these questions to help you ace your next interview.

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What have you done recently to develop professionally as a Concierge?

We have a strict policy that are hotel employees do not become involved with our guests.  Suppose you became aware that one of your colleagues was socializing inappropriately with a hotel guest.  How would you have a situation?

We are looking for someone who might grow into achieve concierge at some point.  What qualities do you have that make you a great candidate for this edition?

Suppose the hotel manager asks you to promote a local entertainment, event that you did not believe in.  How would you handle this?

When considering the job description of this concierge position, list three of the most important attributes for success.

Tell me about a situation at work when you had to take on something unexpectedly.

Our hotel is a busy property and you may be asked by your manager, guests and co-workers to do many things at once. How do you manage balancing multiple simultaneous demands?  Give me an example.

Have you had to convince a hotel guest who disagreed with your point of view?

What are some of the most difficult writing assignments you have had in our job as Concierge? Explain.

It is often difficult to make an unpopular decision, knowing it’s not possible to please everybody. Have you ever made one of these decisions as a Concierge? Tell me about it.

What did you like best/least from your last concierge job?

How do you keep track of what your employees are doing as a Concierge? Tell me about a time when you used a new system as a Concierge.

Jobs differ in how closely people work together. When have you been satisfied/dissatisfied with how closely you’ve had to work with others? Why? Give an example.

Describe a situation in our job as Concierge in which you were expected to keep the line moving or production at a specific level.

Have you set and reached your career goals as a Concierge? How?