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Hotel Guest Services and Front Desk Job Interview Questions

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If you are interviewing or hiring for a Hotel Front Desk job, you will want to read this post and check out our Hotel Front Desk Job Interview resume samples. Below are some good job interview questions for a Hotel Front Desk position.

Depending on the Hotel, Front Desk and Guest Services jobs can be titled as follows:

  • front desk clerk, hotel
  • front office clerk, hotel
  • guest service agent
  • guest service representative
  • hotel front desk clerk
  • night clerk
  • reservations clerk – hotel
  • room clerk

Hotel Front Desk Job Interview Questions

Describe a time when you had to calm down an angry hotel guest? How were you able to successfully accomplish this?

Typing is required to create reservations. What is your typing speed?

How many languages do you speak and/or write? Describe your fluency level.

Dealing with peak volumes with guests all rushing to check-in and check-out at a certain time is a requirement of the job. Tell me about a time when you had to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment. How were you able to perform successfully in this environment?

Handling cash, maintaining a house bank and making deposits and accurate reports of receipts is part of the front desk position. How do you ensure accuracy with details when it comes to handling cash and these related tasks? Give an example.

Read the following scenario:

Mr and Mrs Smith, first-time guests to your hotel checked in today. They are a pleasant couple on their vacation and eager to see the sites and attractions. Shortly after they check in, they come to see you and inform you that they requested a room with a queen bed but got a room with two double beds instead. You look for a free room with a queen but realize that you are fully booked.

A few hours later, Mr Smith comes down to see you about their electronic key. It appears the key does not work, so you replace it for them and send them off. Unfortunately, the replacement key you made also is defective and Mr Smith is once again at the front desk. You can sense by the tone and facial expression on Mr Smith that he is disappointed with his experience. Luckily this third key is functional and he does not return to your front desk.Hoping that this will the end of their service problems you continue with your shift. Late that night, Mr Smith calls down to front desk with a complaint that the air conditioning unit has failed and his room is uncomfortably warm. He further demands to speak to your manager to lodge a formal complaint.

What is Mr Smith feeling? List as many of Mr Smith’s feelings as you can and for each explain why he is feeling that way. How would you handle this issue?