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Housekeeping Supervisor, Room Services Manager Job Interview Questions

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Below are job interview questions for the position of Housekeeping Manager. These are common interview questions used in the hospitality industry when hiring for hotels, motels, and inns.

House Keeping Manager, Room Services Supervisor Job Interview Questions

How do you ensure that your housekeeping staff has delivered good work in terms of quality and timeliness?

Suppose a guest comes to you indicating that an expensive belonging disappeared right after a room was cleaned. The guest is very upset as this item is irreplaceable and is suggesting that your housekeeper is responsible. What would you do? Role play your response with me, pretending that I am the guest.

We have all come across a situation when we did not get along so well a co-worker.  Tell me about a time when you did not get along with someone from the hotel management team.  How did you handle this?

How would your housekeeping staff describe your management style?

Tell me about your experience in selecting and purchasing equipment and supplies, and maintain inventory?

What do you do to make sure that your housekeeping staff adheres to supervisory instructions and established housekeeping policies and procedures?

It’s a holiday and the hotel you work for is really busy. Your room services department is swamped.  In order for you to turn the rooms over to be ready for the next set of guests, you find out that some of your staff have not been adhering to all the safety procedures in order to meet this time demand. What would you do?

Why should we hire you to be our Housekeeping Supervisor or Room Services Manager?

What is your experience in the unionized hotel setting?

Tell me about a time when one of your housekeepers was not meeting performance objectives. How did you handle it?

Suppose you find a pattern in absences due to injuries that indicate that one of your housekeepers files for injury at the beginning of each summer. How would you handle this?

Describe your experience in preparing and maintaining financial records and prepare budgets, payroll and housekeeping staff schedules?

Do you have any health issues that would prevent you from the duties of a housekeeping or room services manager?

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