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Restaurant General Manager Job Interview Questions

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Below are some Restaurant General Manager job interview questions created by our HR team. The Restaurant General Manager job interview questions below, were created from our human resources experience working in the hospitality industry. For more information on how we create these Restaurant General Manager job interview questions and how to answer them see the post,

Restaurant General Manager Job Interview Questions

A Restaurant General Manager must know how to keep guests happy.  Please describe how you ensure optimum guest satisfaction? What are some of the services provided? How do you build rapport?

For a Restaurant GM, scheduling staff can be a difficult situation especially with vacations, part-time staff etc. Describe how you create long terms schedules, while satisfying all your employees needs?

Describe how you create and implement restaurant policies? What are some of the policies you have created? Sometimes, as Restaurant GM you are not aware if policies are followed.  How do you ensure policies are successfully implemented by all staff?

The ability to develop a great team is what makes a successful Restaurant General Manager.  What process do you use to hire, train and develop a hospitality focused team? The restaurant industry has a high rate of turnover, how to maintain a low turnover within your restaurant?

What decisions do you make prior to purchasing of operations equipment and other supplies? What are some factors considered?
A good Restaurant GM must wear many different hats.  What steps do you take to resolve any maintenance and repair of equipment used for cooking, lighting and ventilation etc.?

What is your experience in carrying out financial responsibilities, including budgeting/accounting and increasing sales and profit margins? What steps do you take to manage these responsibilities efficiently and with positive results?

Depending on the company and department, the Restaurant General Manager may also be called:

  • assistant manager, restaurant
  • bar manager
  • catering service manager
  • food services manager
  • restaurant manager
  • banquet manager
  • cafeteria manager
  • dining room manager
  • hotel food and beverage service manager    restaurateur – food services

Review Your Resume

Interviewers ask questions based on your resume so remember to review your resume. This is especially true if it’s been a while since you have looked at it. This way you will not be caught off guard when you are asked about something in your work history that happened a few years ago.

Bring a Portfolio

It’s always a good idea to bring a portfolio of your work and credentials with you to a job interview. What better way to demonstrate the quality of your work than to show the hiring manager a work sample. So if you have a copy of reports, briefs, bibliographies, speeches, presentations, Web sites and press releases make sure you bring them.

Also take a copy of your educational documents. A university degree or college diploma in business, management, or a discipline related to a particular subject matter is usually required.