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Recruiter, Staffing Coordinator Job Interview Questions

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In general, the Recruiter’s main priority is to deliver top-notch, highly qualified talented candidates on a timely basis to clients that have urgent and critical needs to hire the “right” professionals to make an immediate impact on their business. The Recruiter usually works within a staffing or placement company who specialize and focus on a variety of industries such as: Information Technology, Finance, Hospitality, Sales. Health Care, Trades, General etc. Below are a few job interview questions a job seeker may be asked during a interview process for a recruiter.

Recruiter Job Interview Questions

As a Recruiter your main priority is to find the best possible candidate to fill a vacancy. What tools and techniques have you developed to target and recruit candidate pool including, but not limited to, third party job boards, industry events? Where do you find your greatest success? Provide us some examples of successful recruitment candidate search tools and techniques?

The recruiter must oversee the entire recruitment and selection process from creating job advertisements; candidate assessment and present qualified candidates with overall assessments and hire recommendations. How do you pre-screen candidates to find the best possible “fit”? How do you prepare candidates prior to sending them to potential clients for interviews?

Design, build and implement innovative recruitment programs in an ongoing task as a recruiter. What effective programs have you developed with your team that was used with great success?

What sort of research do you do on a client prior to sending them candidates? How do you build ongoing relationships between recruiter and client? What has been your most challenging placement and what made it challenging?

Have you lead a recruitment team in your previous experience? If so, how did you build a recruitment team aligned with overall business goals?

If successful for this position as a recruiter, what experience and qualities would you provide for our company? What do you do to build effective relationships with fellow team members?

Scenerio: You have been working with a client for years and you are faced with a situation where you have sent them 3 potential candidates for a vacancy but none have been successful. The client is desperate, but it getting quite frustrated with the candidates you are sending them and they are deciding to walk away and approach another recruiter. This has happened a few times in the past and the client is losing faith in your recruitment ability. What do you do? How do you ensure that you do not lose a good client after years of working together?

Recruiter can be called by MANY job titles. Here are some job titles related to the Recruiter:

  • employment interviewer
  • employment supervisor
  • executive recruiter
  • personnel administrator
  • personnel adviser
  • personnel interviewer
  • personnel recruitment officer
  • personnel selection officer
  • recruiter – employment
  • recruiting officer
  • recruitment assistant
  • recruitment consultant
  • recruitment officer
  • recruitment specialist
  • staffing officer
  • staffing adviser
  • staffing analyst
  • staffing co-ordinator
  • staffing officer
  • placement officer
  • placement co-ordinator