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Recruiting Manager, Staffing Manager, Staffing Agency Manager Job Interview Questions

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The recruiting manager or staffing manager searches and delivers high quality professional candidates and company brand across numerous markets and professional communities, while guiding hiring managers, clients and candidates through the selection process. Below are a few job interview questions a job seeker may be asked during an interview for a Recruiting Manager or Staffing Manager.

Recruitment managers can work within the employer’s corporate human resources department.  This professional can also work in a recruitment agency, employment agency, headhunting firm, executive search firm, etc.

Recruiting Manager, Staffing Agency Manager Job Interview Questions:

From your previous experience as a recruitment manager or staffing agency manager, what type professional support and advice on recruitment to line and departmental managers or staff did you provide? What techniques or tools did you use to train or mentor the manager or other subordinates on best practice recruitment and selection processes?

Scenario: You are a manager of a recruitment agency or corporate HR recruitment.  A client requires a candidate as soon as possible with specific skill sets. Unfortunately you do not have any individuals who meet the requirements in your system. What process and steps do you take to find individuals who may meet the requirements? Walk us through steps you have done in the past as a recruitment manager using a specific example?

Scenario: You have various group or staff members away on vacation and you are having a crazy day filled with client requests. There are 5 very good clients who all require immediate needs to find candidates. What steps do you take to prioritize your day to get all of these complete prior the end of the day?

The staffing manager will be required to write and prepare documentation on an ongoing basis (e.g. job descriptions and person specifications; job advertisements and designing or revising application forms and recruitment material etc.). Tell us about some of the documentations you have prepared in the past? How was the documents received my colleagues and how did you implement and use the documents?

In order to keep current and look for the best talented candidates possible, a recruiting manager or staffing agency manager must develop creative recruitment processes on an on-going basis. What effective processes have you created to screen application forms and shortlist quality applicants such as: devising, running and evaluating selection processes including interviews, psychometric tests, personality questionnaires and various group activities?

Recruiting Manager, Staffing Manager can be called by MANY job titles. Here are some job titles related to the Recruiting Manager, Staffing Manager:

  • administrator, human resources
  • manager employment agency
  • manager, employer-employee relations
  • manager, employment equity – human resources
  • manager, human resources
  • manager executive search
  • manager, industrial relations
  • manager, occupational health and safety
  • manager, pay and benefits
  • recruitment agency manager
  • manager, personnel
  • manager, personnel services
  • manager, personnel training and development
  • manager, recruiting
  • manager, staff relations
  • manager staffing agency
  • staffing manager
  • recruiting manager