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Vice President – Staffing and Recruitment, Staffing Agency VP Job Interview Questions

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VP of Staffing and Recruitment works with senior level staff, managers and directors to provide recruitment and retention of professional candidates to clients. Along with the day to day recruitment strategies, the position must also generate strategies that ensure facility maintains positive Employee relations, formalize in-processing and supervisory management development process and maintains standardized employee evaluation appraisals etc.. Below are a few job interview questions a job seeker may be asked during an interview for a Vice President, Staffing & Recruitment.

A VP of Staffing and Recruitment can work in human resources departments, but also in a third party recruitment, executive search firms, headhunting firms, recruitment agency or employment agency setting ( Robert Half International, Adecco SA, Manpower Inc., Vedior NV, Randstad Holding, Kelly Services Inc, etc.)

Vice President, Staffing & Recruitment Job Interview Questions:

As the Vice President, Staffing & Recruitment you will be required to drive the recruitment planning process & build the talent pipeline for the business to achieve the hiring targets within the standard timelines at optimal price points. Describe some of the innovative and most challenging processes you have developed? How do you set your goals and maintain a higher positioning then your competitors?

Vice President, Staffing & Recruitment is always driving the channel strategy for hiring talent optimizing on low cost hiring channels and driving down the average cost/hire. Tell us about a time where you came up with some innovative strategic ideas for the entire organization. Describe your ideas, how you implemented them and carried it out successfully. What was the end result?

The key to any successful staffing agency is to improve candidate conversion ratios & overall quality of vendor service to the business. Describe some value added ideas, products or tools you introduced that improved the overall candidate conversion ratios? How did you find the idea, product and/or tool? What do you do to maintain excellent customer/client relations?

The staffing industry is quite competitive, As the Vice President, Staffing & Recruitment what do you do to drive the vendor strategy for the business by building on vendor relationships, monitoring and reporting periodically on vendor performance through business matrices to effectively? Provide us with an example how you maintain ongoing long-term relationships, even in a difficult time? What do you do to build and promote trust and strong relationships?

In order to be a strong Vice President, Staffing & Recruitment you must effectively manage recruitment systems by maintaining recruitment applications through matrices, scorecards to facilitate seamless on-boarding of new hires and leverage on available technology tools to facilitate the recruitment process etc.? What steps do you take to hire and maintain a strong recruitment team. What hiring processes have you developed and maintained? Provide us with an example of your most recent hire and steps taken to find the right candidate? What do you do to keep valued talent within the team and take on higher level of responsibilities?

The Vice President, Staffing & Recruitment constantly think of strategic methods of marketing and promoting the company or recruitment and staffing agency and attract new candidates. What is your experience in implementing branding concepts to be able to successfully attract talent from targeted hiring markets to the company?

Vice President, Staffing & Recruitment can be called by MANY job tittles. Here are some job titles related to the Vice President, Staffing & Recruitment:

  • vice president of staffing
  • VP of staffing and recruitment
  • VP of staffing
  • VP, employer-employee relations
  • VP, personnel
  • Vice President Staffing Agency
  • vice president of personnel
  • VP, personnel services
  • Executive Search VP
  • Staffing Agency Vice President
  • vice president of personnel services
  • VP, personnel training and development
  • vice president of training and development
  • VP, recruiting
  • vice president of recruiting
  • VP, staff relations
  • Vice President Recruitment and Staffing Agency
  • VP of Employment Agency
  • VP of Recruitment Agency
  • vice president of staff relations