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Change Management Team Lead Job Interview Questions

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With the current job market being unstable, there still seems to be a constant requirement for Change Management and Test Team Leads. If you are a Change Management Team Lead or Change Management Consultant and not sure what job interview questions may be asked in the interview? We have created potential Change Management Team Lead interview questions that may be covered by the employer in the job interview.

Change Management Team Lead or Consultant Job Interview Questions:

As a change management consultant you will need to provide advice to clients on project initiatives.  Describe a project in which you reviewed, proposed, and implemented changes to the existing corporate programs? How did you influence others to accept your proposal?

Leadership is a vital skill in this change management leader role.  What is your experience with leading a team? Describe a position in which you had to project manage a team? What was the size of the team?

A change management leader will need to communicate difficult topics with sensitivity.  Tell us about a time when you have to strategically, operationally or tactfully provide advice to the senior management team?

In regards to training, have you designed and developed technology based eLearning or learning projects? What sort of performance support tools, knowledge management solutions did you develop?

The ability to multi-task is a core competency for our change management consultant.  Describe a time when you had two or more concurrent tasks to complete, how did you decide which task to complete first?

Briefly describe your experience with the following core requirements:
-UML-a plus
-Data flows
-Process modeling
-Functional specs/requirements management
-Process workflow
-Change Management
-Define business requirements: use case, visio, uml.
-SCRUM, CMM, Green Belt a Plus

How Did We Create These Change Management Consultant Questions and How Should You Answer?

The interview questions you see above, are created using the same methods we used as corporate HR professionals.

We are always looking for new jobs to create interview questions for, so if you have a request let us know. If you enjoyed this post, we invite you to visit this site regularly for updated articles.