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.NET Developer, .NET Programmer Job Interview Questions

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If you have a job interview for a .NET Developer position, read this post. Below are resume template.NET developer job interview questions. The methods we used to develop these .NET programmer questions are the same ones we used as corporate HR in developing job interview questions for hiring managers. We have developed these questions based on core .NET developer competencies or skills and job requirements.

Review these .Net Developer job interview questions and consider your answer before your next interview.  And remember to be prepared to back up your answer with an example.  This is a common mistake that I have seen interviewing .Net Programmers.   Often the .Net Programmer with a good job interview answer along with a good example will be the successful job applicant.

Depending on the employer and industry, .Net Developers may also be called

.NET Developer, .NET Programmer, C# Programmer, C# Developer, Software Engineer, Web Developer

.NET Developer Job Interview Questions

Tell us about some enhancements you have made to an existing application such that a Public Key Infrastructure is used for the authentication of users to the application?

As a .Net Developer, tell us about a project or group environment where you learned your technical expertise and consultative work involving all phases of research, feasibility, design, development, of both implementation of both 3rd party and custom developed software applications?

As a .Net Programmer, what is your experience with designing and developing new desktop/server/web applications (SQL, asp, .NET)? Give us a specific example?

How do you keep up with technology as a .Net Developer? When have you Provided industry-best practice strategies in designing web & application interfaces to support a number of different technologies and user types?

From your experience as a .Net Programmer, tell us about a project you worked on where you Created system documentation including Data Models, Architecture Designs, System Designs and Operational Support documents?

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