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Network Administrator Sample Job Interview Questions

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Network Administrator Sample Job Interview Questions


Here are sample Network Administrator job interview questions designed specifically for the industryy career field.

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Describe your experience with Applescript, and Apple Admin Tools such as ARD.

How do you avoid mistakes when administering Linux (CentOS/Ubuntu) servers?

What do you find most challenging when providing support in a Mac OS X environment. Why?

What do you know about scripting and programming (shell, awk, perl, php)?

What do most new staff forget to do when providing Desktop Configuration and supporting in a OS X, PC Mixed Environment?

You will be responsible for administering Active Directory/Domain Controllers. What is the most important aspect of this work? Why?

Tell me a bit more about your background with project work focusing on networking.

How do you ensure success when you maintaining and managing servers?

Describe a situation in which you had to translate a superior’s general directive into specific goals. Explain how you did this and the goals you established.

Describe some tricky situations in which you were required to interpret equipment or measurement data.

What qualities do you think make a great Network Administrator?

Being a Network Administrator certainly requires a lot of technical knowledge. How did you acquire this knowledge? How long did it take you?

describe your current job for me.

Have you ever been in a situation in which you didn’t want to delegate but had to? Tell me about it.

Tell me about a time when the work load was very heavy. How did you maintain production in our job as Network Administrator?