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Oracle SQL Database Developer Job Interview Questions

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Our staffing partners mentioned in discussions last week that there is a demand for Oracle SQL Database Developers in the current market. Are you a Oracle SQL Developer and not sure what job interview questions may be asked in the interview? We have created potential Oracle SQL Database Developer interview questions that we have created from our human resources experience.

Depending on the company, department and so forth Oracle SQL Database Developers may also be called:

  • data administrator
  • data custodian
  • database developer
  • data dictionary administrator
  • data warehouse analyst
  • database administrator (DBA)
  • database analyst
  • database architect
  • technical architect – database

6 Oracle SQL Database Developer Job Interview Questions

Describe the most complex analysis and programming tasks in support of Oracle Enterprise database applications you have done for a previous employer?

Tell us a time when you worked on a database project and were responsible for gathering user requirements and coordinating with systems specifications and flow documentation?

Have you prepared extensive technical documents? If so, provide us an example of a time when you prepared scope documents and technical specifications; code, debug, and move applications from a development environment, through testing, acceptance and into production?

Have you ever mentored or managed an individual or team with analyzing  and resolving complicated database problems within a formal software life cycle methodology?

How do you keep current with technology and Oracle SQL based applications specific to your position?

What is your working experience with following? Please describe?

-Oracle 9i/1G development experience
-SQLPlus, SQLLoader
-UNIX shell scripting and PERL
-Oracle RAC experience, RMAN, Data Guard
-Visual Basic, CVS, ClearCase
-E/R Studio
-TOAD,  SQL Navigator, PL/SQL Developer (various DB development/diagnostic tools)
-BI Publisher

How Did We Create These Questions and How Should You Answer?

The interview questions you see above, are created using the same methods we used as corporate HR professionals.

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