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Software Engineer, Software Developer Job Interview Questions

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Introduction to Software Developer Job Interviews

The Software Engineer is responsible for analyzing requirements, designing, developing, troubleshooting, debugging, deploying and documenting software components using scrum and other agile development methodologies. Because of the nature of work, software developer job interviews focus on assessing analytical, attention to detail and critical thinking abilities.

However, problem solving is not the only important ability to being a successful software developer.  The position works closely with other software engineers, QA and Support groups as well as external Business and Operation client groups to develop top quality products that solve actual business and technology problems.   Because of this, employers will assess you on your ability to work in teams effectively and your interpersonal skills within your software developer job interview.

Research the Employer Before Your Software Developer Job Interview

The Software Engineer is employed by: information technology consulting firms, information technology research and development firms, and information technology companies in the private and public sectors, or they may be self-employed.

Since a Software Developer works in such various industries, it is important to know a little bit about the employer and that particular industry.  I know you are thinking that html or php is still php and html regardless of industry.  But researching the employer before your Software Developer job interview will help you appear prepared.  Also, specific industry knowledge will give you the edge over another applicant.

Anyway, below are a few Software Engineer sample job questions.  Review them and prepare your answers before your next job interview.  Until our next post, good luck with your Software Developer job interview!

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Software Engineer or Software Developer Job Interview Questions:

Describe some of your research, design and writing of new software programs you have created as a software engineer? What is the most successful project you have been involved in and what was your significant contribution to the team?

Attention to detail is critical as a Software Developer.  Give me an example of a situation when you noticed a big problem before anyone else.

As a Software Developer, you often must balance many different coding projects, attend many meetings and so forth.  What methods, tools or process do you use to keep organized and not forget the details of your work?

As a software developer, you will be required to work closely with other staff, such as project managers, graphic artists, systems analysts, and sales and marketing professionals;. Tell us a project or a group you have worked in where you were the lead software engineer? How did you manage to work with a variety of people of various personalities? How were you able to communicate your ideas and processes to both a technical and non-technical individual within the team?

Describe your experience as a software engineer when you found faults while testing a new program? What did you do to analyze and identify areas of modification or change?

As a software developer, have you ever had to ‘bolt together’ existing software products and getting incompatible platforms to work together? Describe the challenges you faced and steps you took to completion?

As a software engineer, briefly describe you knowledge of and working experience with:
-BEA WebLogic
-Web services
-SQL Server

It is important as a software engineer to keep current in technologies and skills on an ongoing basis. What do you do to constantly update your technical knowledge and skills?

In this role as a software developer you will be required to work closely with both colleagues and clients. In your previous experience, please tell us a time when you consulted colleagues concerning the maintenance and performance of software systems and asked questions to obtain information, clarified details and implemented information as required?

Briefly describe some of the technical specifications and test plans and operational documents you have created? Once created how did you introduce these to either colleagues or clients?

Software Engineer be called by MANY job titles. Here are some job titles related to the Software Engineer:

  • application architect
  • computer software engineer
  • embedded software engineer
  • software architect
  • software design engineer
  • software design verification engineer
  • software designer
  • software engineer
  • software testing engineer
  • systems integration engineer – software
  • technical architect – software
  • telecommunications software engineer
  • software developer